How we do it


Aircraft completely disassembled.
• Control surfaces, wings, landing gear and tail feathers etc are removed.
• Old fabric stripped off.
• The complete airframe is inspected for corrosion and damage.
• All steel pieces sand blasted to bare steel and inspected.
Steel parts will be epoxy primed and painted as applicable.
• All damaged, worn, and unairworthy parts will be replaced as needed.
• Wing, leading edge skins and trailing edges will be replaced as standard.
• Windows, windshield and skylight will be replaced.
• New control cables installed.
New wiring will be installed.
• All removed standard AN hardware will be replaced.
• New landing gear bungees will be installed.
• New wingtip bows will be installed.
• Fresh annual inspection and applicable 337s filed with the FAA.
• Paperwork reviewed & organized.
• Revised weight and balance sheet.