Multi-Engine and Additional Ratings

There are many additional ratings you can earn to learn more, sharpen your skills, and become more marketable as a Commercial Pilot or for your personal flying needs. These include a Multi-Engine Rating, Certified Flight Instructor Rating (also Instrument instructor CFII and Multi-Engine instructor MEI), Airline Transport Pilot, etc. We are happy to assist you in reaching your goals and will happily discuss your needs.

Multi- Engine Rating

A popular rating to add on is a Multi-Engine Rating. There are no minimum hours required for this rating, but we have found 10-20 hours typical. Please budget according to your flying experience and learning ability.

We provide the training for a Multi-Engine Rating in a Piper Aztec. Unlike the “Training Twin” used by many schools, our Piper Aztec provides a real-world training experience that will better prepare you for a career in aviation. Please see our summary of rates below.

Other Ratings

We are happy to provide you with services to add your Certified Flight Instructor, Airline Transport Pilot. We can also provide a Biannual Fight Review, Instrument Proficiency Check, and Helicopter Transitions or initial ratings. If at any time we cannot provide the service ourselves we will refer you to someone who can. Please see our summary of typical rates below.
Flight time in Cessna 152 for Single engine. $90/Hour (Block time rate)
Flight time in Piper Aztec. $275/Hour (20 hr. Block time rate)
Dual Instruction. $50/Flight hour single or multi engine.
Headsets: $5 per flight rental, $75 unlimited rental.

In addition to the costs listed above which we provide you will need to budget for the following:

  Books and study materials. $25-200
  Written Test Fees: $150
  Flight test Fees: $350-600

Please feel free to contact us today to schedule your introductory flight or to learn more about earning a Multi-Engine or Additional Rating with Fox Aviation.

Information on this page is provided for general reference purposes only. Please consult the current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations regarding flight training requirements.