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Welcome to Fox Aviation

Please, call us old school…

As far as flight training goes, what we offer has become unique: In the lexicon of the FAA, Fox Aviation operates under the auspices of Part 61. In normal-speak, that means we offer personalized, one-on-one instruction with the highest regard given to a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

The pioneers of the craft- the craft of flight instruction - didn’t offer a fast track to the airlines or guaranteed ratings, and neither do we. Just as they did, we simply offer a pure enthusiasm for flying and for teaching. Although we do follow structured and practical guidelines built around the standards set forth by the FAA, we simply don’t believe in the “one curriculum fits all” approach. We will be very deliberate in helping you achieve your aviation goal as our singular goal at Fox is to be a joyful, honest and competent steward of every dollar you spend on your training.

And speaking of that training… We offer primary, advanced and everything in between: BFR’s, IPC’s, and any other acronyms the FAA may want you to write in your logbook.

We are based just outside the busy DFW skies, at a quiet little airport appropriately named Propwash (identifier: 16X). This location saves you training dollars as we’re not operating from a busy airport with extensive ground hold times and congested patterns. Our training area is only minutes away from departure so we’re able to get to work quickly, and at the same time, we are only a few miles from Alliance and Denton Airports, offering a convenient opportunity to fly and practice in controlled airspace.

Fox Aviation: well-maintained airplanes, instructors that aren’t interested in time building, convenient airport with no time wasted on the ground, and our classroom is an airplane hangar… Yes, indeed we are old school. We’ll admit, we’re not right for everybody, but we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss if we’re right for you…

Ready to escape the pedestrian and soar to a new thrilling perspective? Take a Discovery Flight with us!

For new and prospective students, Fox Aviation offers an affordable introductory flight lesson so that you may experience our aircraft, our location, our instructors, and our style… This is a convenient opportunity to meet us, and make sure we’re right for you.

    Student with flying instructor, dallas, tx

You will be in the pilot’s seat of one of our well-maintained Cessna 152s with an experienced Fox Aviation flight instructor. You’ll be hands-on, in control of the airplane, and we’ll guide you through your first steps onto a path of a levitating yellow brick road.

This introductory flight will include a pre and post-flight briefing and approximately 60 minutes of flight time. This experience is valued at $169; we offer it for $115, and you can Purchase a Discovery Flight Here for you, a family member or friend. Intro must be scheduled within three months of purchase.

And Flying Forward….

The Private Pilot Certificate

The first and most exciting step on you aviation path. Tired of hearing that airplane’s beautiful symphony above you as you gaze toward the sky like a parent watching their daughter walk away on prom night? This certificate allows you to be the conductor of that symphony. You’ll be able to fly your friends and family safely and legally while you respectfully persuade the air to carry you aloft with your precious cargo.

The FAA regulations require a minimum of 40 hours in the airplane. Of course every prospective pilot’s learning curve is different, and with that in mind, $4600 (plus books, medical and exam fees) would be the starting point for the cost. However, we recommend budgeting $6000-8000 to account for various factors that may impede expedient learning.

Already A Pilot? Want more ratings written on your certificate? Need an upgraded certificate, or simply want to be a more proficient pilot? Here’s how we can help…

Instrument Rating

Weather got you down? Not with an instrument rating. You’ll learn the beautiful science of controlling and navigating the airplane and navigate without outside visual references. Without this rating, you can dance amongst the clouds; with it, you can dance on and in the clouds. We offer an affordable and safe way to learn and accomplish this very valuable rating.

Commercial Certificate
It’s an exciting time to take up your machete and carve out a career path in aviation. The opportunities are endless, but the threshold to those begins with the commercial certificate. Fox Aviation can advise you on building your time and providing you the instruction to receive this distinguished mark on your journey…

Multi Engine Rating

And if you’re on that journey to an aviation career, the multi-engine rating is vital to more opportunity. Our well-maintained Piper Aztec is a real-life conventional twin. A “conventional twin” in the aviation- training world is very unconventional these days. You’ll be learning real-world multi-engine flying, and at a more affordable rate than most of the big schools offer at their multi-engine pilot factories. This is a rating not to take lightly, and unfortunately, many schools these days are sending students for check rides with very little experience. We want to help you become a safe and competent pilot whether with one engine or two. But with two engines involved, we want to help you become twice as safe and twice as competent.


If you read our intro, you know that we can help out with most acronyms the FAA throws your way. So DUAL (drop us a line), GUAC (give us a call), or SBASU (stop by and see us), and we can find a way to help you.

Once again, thanks for taking a look up at Fox Aviation.

    Student airplanes at flying school dallas

Flying Tips and Advice

A few things we have learned along the way and feel you should know when picking a flight school…

- Sounds obvious, but many students still preface their questions with “this may be a dumb question…” Never be afraid to ask a question or to repeat something if you need to. There are no dumb questions in aviation…

- Fly regularly, if there are large gaps in your training, your learning pace is stunted and you may find yourself backtracking; with that comes more expense. Try to fly at a regular schedule. Life and weather will always get in the way, but regular is always better. You will retain more with consistent frequency.

- Be prepared for your flight before each lesson. Review between flights what you have learned. Keep it fresh. Read flying books, read flying magazines, have fun and never stop learning.

- Find a Flight School and instructor that fits your needs and your personality. Not all schools or teaching styles will suit every student. Don’t be afraid to talk to management or ask to fly with a different instructor if your needs are not met.

- Beware of schools that have strict “contracts” or that demand you to pay for all your training up front. We offer block rates which will reduce costs, but that is an option, not a requirement. Know exactly what to expect before you pay.