flight instructors


Tamara Griffith, Chief Pilot
Coming from a family of pilots and aircraft mechanics, including her mother, father and an uncle, aviation is in Tamara's blood. In 1988 she became a licensed pilot and currently holds single engine land and sea with instrument, and commercial, multi-engine land with Airline Transport Pilot, as well as her flight instructor certifications. She has been a licensed flight instructor since 1990 and can teach in single engine, instrument, ground instruction and multi-engine. In addition she is also a licensed Airframe and Power plant technician with Inspection Authorization rating. Tamara's husband (aircraft mechanic) and children are also active in aviation with her oldest daughter following in mom's footsteps as she is also a flight instructor and training to become an aerial applicator.

Tamara is also a founding member of www.girlsinflight.org

We have 3-5 part time instructors also available, as some of them come and go and have other jobs full time we are not currently listing them all on the website. Please contact us and we will find the right Fox Aviation flight instructor to suit our need for anything from an introduction flight all the way through your Airline Transport Rating.