current restorations

Below are some of our aircraft restorations in progress.  Please contact us for details.

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1945 Piper J3 Cub

We are repairing and doing a mid level restoration on this J3 Cub in house with the plan to put it online in our training department once complete and possibly use it for some fabric covering maintenance seminars, we have had it in inventory for several years since we acquired it from the previous owner. It has now sat for about 14 years since it had a little accident. It will be upgraded with a C-85 engine, new propeller and maybe a few other minor modifications. Otherwise we hope it will be another beautiful J3 Cub once done.


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Jim's Piper Supercub PA-18A

We are working on a few upgrades and some fabric on this Supercub for its owner. Its getting a new Cub Crafters Left-Right-Both fuel system and valve, complete with Dakota 24 Gallon fuel tanks, into the existing wings, Then with a few spruce ups, getting out some of the old excess wiring and some old age repairs. X-brace upgrade, etc. it will get new fabric on the fuselage and all the controls etc, maybe a few new instruments etc. This is not our typical restoration, its just a matter of some upgrades, repairs and getting his plane flying again and making it safe with new coverings and a good going through.


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Travis' J3

This third generation family owned Cub is receiving a full ground-up restoration. After many hours of flight training and operation this J3’s fabric was severely aged and after many quick recovers the decision was made to strip it down to the bare frame and start from scratch.


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Fox Aviation inherited this wreck/repair project from another shop who failed to meet the satisfaction of the current owner. We were asked to travel over 1000 miles to transport it to our shop. When complete this will be a beautiful performance Cub with many upgrades and performance modifications being incorporated. This aircraft will be ski and float equipped, have a 3” extension to the landing gear, and 31” Bushwheel tires will also be added.